About Us

New Directions Community Outreach Services, Inc. is behavioral health organization, founded in 2008, that offers a variety of community-based services including Child and Adolescent Core Services, Intensive Family Intervention Services, Adult Core Services throughout Metro Atlanta. Additionally, we offer other services such as Parenting Classes and Peer-Support Groups to our clients and the general public. Our services are individualized and flexible, utilizing individual and family strengths. We believe over “time” individuals will maximize their potential and reciprocate their success by employing an “each teach one, each reach one mindset” to rebuild their families and communities.

Our Mission

It is our mission to transform our community through innovative counseling while becoming a model for other organizations.

Our Vision

New Directions Community Outreach Services is committed to excellence in the delivery of person-centered and family care services. Our vision is to be the model for all therapeutic service providers to follow. New Directions will become domestically and internationally recognized as the preferred provider and employer of choice. We are committed to developing and using behavioral health best practices and continuous quality improvement measures. This will define our highest standard of care and ensure the optimal outcome for each client served.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the individuals and families we serve with the social skills, vocational development, educational enhancement, and therapeutic growth while encouraging them to become communally involved in the health and safety of their homes and communities.


To respect and respond to the dreams, needs, and values of each individual. We will acknowledge and encourage consumer, family, advocate and staff input to create and customize an individually responsive system.

To have the freedom to envision possibilities with boundaries. We will utilize resources with consumers that are innovative, versatile, and flexible.
To cooperate with trust, reliance and shared respect. We will promote teamwork by recognizing and supporting the strengths and resources of our consumers, families, advocates, and staff as we strive to create a seamless service system.

To improve quality and accomplish desired results. We will support consumers in learning self-management skills to be successful in living, learning, working, and socializing in community environments.

To respond with compassion. We will be kind, patient, and sincere while listening to and supporting the needs, dreams, and diversity of our customers.

To be true to our vision and values. We will consistently strive to be models of honesty, sincerity, dependability, and loyalty. We remain accountable for our commitments to consumers, the community, and each other.

To continuously improve through professional and personal growth. We will expand our knowledge and skills to anticipate and meet the needs of our consumers and exceed their expectations.